MVY File Extension

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What is the .MVY file type?

The .mvy filename extension represents the MAGIX Video easy HD Project (.mvy) file type and format used in MAGIX Video easy HD, a paid HD (High-Definition) video editor with a simplified GUI for home users from MAGIX AG.

The .mvy file is a MAGIX Video easy HD project. It is a binary file in MAGIX's proprietary format based on RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format). It contains references to audio and video clips and images used in the movie as well as information about any effects or transitions applied. Like other project files, MVY files do not contain actual multimedia data. Such files can be opened and used only in MAGIX Video easy and several other MAGIX video-related tools.

To publish a movie made in MAGIX Video easy, one has to produce, or export the project (.mvy) into a DVD-compatible directory structure, a DVD disk image, or a standalone video file. MAGIX Video easy HD registers the .mvy file type during installation and sets up its own association for it. By default, project files (e.g., "Video Project 2015-03-24.mvy") are saved in the "%UserProfile%\My Documents\MAGIX Projects\Video easy...\Video Project [date_created]" directory.

Software to open or convert MVY files

You can open MVY files with the following programs: 

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