MXDL File Extension

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What is the .MXDL file type?

The .mxdl filename extension is used in connection with Maxthon, a multi-platform cloud-oriented web browser, to distinguish incomplete downloads made with that browser. The .mxdl extension does not refer to any specific file type, as it is simply appended to the original filename to point out to the status of a file rather than its function.

The original file type of a Maxthon MXDL file can be told by the original extension, preceding .mxdl. Presence of an .mxdl file means that this file has not been completely downloaded yet, or the .mxdl extension has been left over due to a bug.

MXDL files are not meant to be opened, except with Maxthon to resume downloading.

Only if a file has in fact been fully downloaded, removal of the .mxdl extension might actually help open the file. With certain file types (such as AVI) partially downloaded files can be possibly opened, while other file types such as archives (esp. digitally signed) would be useless.

Software to open or convert MXDL files

You can open MXDL files with the following programs:
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
快播 by Shenzhen Qvod Technology Co.,Ltd

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