MXV File Extension

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What is the .MXV file type?

The filename extension .mxv is a shorthand for 'MAGIX Video' and represents the MAGIX Video (.mxv) file type. The .mxv file type is associated with a proprietary multimedia (video and audio) container format developed by MAGIX AG for their commercial multimedia authoring software such as MAGIX Movie Edit Pro or MAGIX Music Maker.

An .mxv file is a video file in which the data is encoded in the MXV format. Unlike other highly-compressed container formats, MXV suffers very little from quality degradation and is almost lossless. MXV video clips can be directly imported in all MAGIX software products that are capable of processing video. Thanks to proprietary optimizations inherent in the format, MXV clips are processed faster, and the .mxv file type is used by default for saving videos in MAGIX software. MXV videos cannot be opened outside of MAGIX products, nor played by hardware multimedia players. To achieve portability, the .mxv file must first be opened in a MAGIX application and converted to one of the standard video containers (.mp4, .mov, or .avi).


Software to open or convert MXV files

You can open MXV files with the following programs: 

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