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What is the .NBF file type?

The primary association of the .nbf filename extension goes with the NTI Backup Now Backup File (.nbf) file type/format. Backup Now (Backup Now EZ) from NTI Corp. is a premium data backup application for Microsoft Windows, also standing behind several data-backup solutions bundled with Acer and Toshiba laptop/notebook computers.

The .nbf file is a proprietary container for user-selected files and/or directories backed up with NTI's software, indexed and tracked in its companion .cal file ("File and Folder.cal" by default). The .cal file is the key to its one or more .nbf files, and it is the .cal file that has to be opened to restore data from the backup. The drive-based backup mode uses a different format (.nps/.npf).

To restore data from such a file-based backup (.cal/.nbf), one must use NTI's Backup Now or its laptop brand-specific version. CAL/NBF backups may come with the RestoreStarter tool, a small standalone utility that allows to perform restoring without Backup Now installed.

With a different relation to backups, the .nbf extension also stands for the Nokia Backup File (.nbf) file type/format. It is a backup format used with older Nokia mobile devices, and the .nbf file is a container holding user data (contacts, sms messages, etc.) extracted from a Nokia mobile phone. To access the data inside the .nbf file, one is supposed to use Nokia's proprietary software, such as Ovi or Nokia PC Suite (discontinued).

However, unlike Nokia's other backup format (.nbu, binary), NBF is based on using a standard ZIP archive wrapper for vCard (.vcf) and other files. As a normal ZIP file, the .nbf archive can be opened and unpacked with almost any archive tool. This method is often used to transfer contact data from older Nokia phones to Android devices.

Software to open or convert NBF files

You can open NBF files with the following programs:
NTI Backup Now EZ
NTI Backup Now EZ by NTI Corporation
NTI Backup Now EZ
NTI Backup Now EZ by NewTech Infosystems
NbuExplorer by Petr Vilem

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