VCF File Extension

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What is the .VCF file type?

The .vcf filename extension universally belongs to the 'vCard Format' (VCF) and the VCF, or vCard file type. vCard stands for 'Versit (Visit) Card,' as the vCard format was first developed by the Versit Consortium. Currently, vCard is maintained by the Internet Mail Consortium (IMC).

vCard is a standard text-based format for definition and interchange of visit-card personal data like name, address, e-mail, photo etc. A .vcf file is a plaintext file with several lines, each of which contains one tagged vCard attribute. Attributes can be grouped (e.g., as Work or Home sections), and insertion of binary objects like photos is supported.

VCF files are supported by almost all e-mail clients and messengers across all popular platforms. Usually, the .vcf extension would be associated with the default e-mail client. A .vcf file can be directly opened and viewed with a text editor, allowing extraction of crucial information like name or e-mail address.

Software to open or convert VCF files

You can open VCF files with the following programs: 

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