INDT File Extension

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What is the .INDT file type?

The filename extension .indt represents the Adobe InDesign Template (.indt) file type and serves to denote design templates supplied for or created in Adobe InDesign, a popular commercial graphical design software by Adobe Systems for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. For quick creation of new documents that would consistently incorporate some existing design work, Adobe InDesign provides a template mechanism.

A template can be created from any Adobe InDesign document by saving it under the appropriate file type (.indt), selectable in the "Save as..." dialog. Templates (.indt) use the same proprietary document format as regular Adobe InDesign documents (.indd), and any template file can be 'converted' into a regular document simply by changing the extension from .indt to .indd.

Using a default open action on an .indt file will always result in creation of a new, untitled Adobe InDesign document. To edit the template itself, the template file (.indt) must be opened from inside Adobe InDesign. There are a number of both free and commercial sources of Adobe InDesign templates (.indt) on the Internet.

Software to open or convert INDT files

You can open INDT files with the following programs:
Adobe InDesign CC
Adobe InDesign CC by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe InDesign CS3
Adobe InDesign CS3 by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe InDesign CS4
Adobe InDesign CS4 by Adobe Systems Incorporated

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