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What is the .JPX file type?

The filename extension .jpx is primarily associated with the Extended JPEG 2000 Image (.jpx) file type. JPEG 2000 refers to a family of wavelet-based image compression techniques as well as several file formats of bitmap graphical images, developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) and adopted as a series of ISO/IEC standards. As opposed to the standard .jp2 extension used for regular JPEG 2000 image files, the .jpx extension is reserved for the images matching the extended JPEG 2000 specification (ISO/IEC 15444-2).

The difference of the extended format (.jpx) from 'normal' JPEG 2000 is in its support of animation and multiple coded image stream within a single file. JPX files are often used for scientific imaging (stacked microscope images, etc.) and digitized document archiving purposes. Like other JPEG 2000 files, .jpx images embed XML metadata. JPX images can be displayed or manipulated by several general-purpose image viewers as well as graphics editors, scientific and office applications.

The .jpx extension is alternatively associated with the JBuilder Project (.jpx) file type used by JBuilder, a commercial cross-platform Java development environment by Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. All development efforts in JBuilder are organized in projects (.jpx), with each project represented by a single .jpx file and a number of associated resource files. The project file (.jpx) itself is an XML document in which all of the project's parts and resources are bound together. Such projects (.jpx) can be opened in JBuilder or converted to other IDE formats (e.g., Eclipse) using several third-party conversion tools.

Apart from that, the .jpx extension is used in the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) to denote the Oracle ADF Data Model Configuration (.jpx) file type. Such files are created and used with JDeveloper, a Java development tool within Oracle ADF, to configure data models for the ADF Business Components. Such a .jpx file is a regular XML document in the "src" directory of a JDeveloper/ADF project.

Software to open or convert JPX files

You can open JPX files with the following programs:
MAGIX Foto Manager
MAGIX Foto Manager by MAGIX AG
ACDSee Pro
ACDSee Pro by ACD Systems Ltd.
Honeyview by

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