WMZ File Extension

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What is the .WMZ file type?

The WMZ file format is associated with Windows Media Player application. A WMZ file is used as a container for storing and distribution of static and interactive skins designed to change the program’s interface.

Basically, a .wmz file represents a set of graphics and a JScript code defining the behavior of the skin’s elements. These files are usually compressed using the ZIP compression scheme. You can find thousands of custom skins in the .wmz format online.

The WMZ file extension can be also assigned to compressed Windows metafiles created by older versions of Microsoft Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher. WMZ files represent Zip-compressed .wmf files.

WMZ metafiles can be created when saving documents to the HTML format or when sending documents as email attachments. They contain various kinds of vector graphics and optionally an executable code. You can open a WMZ file using decompression tools capable of unpacking ZIP archives.

Software to open or convert WMZ files

You can open WMZ files with the following programs: 

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