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What is the .IPSW file type?

The .ipsw filename extension denotes the iOS Software Update (.ipsw) file type. iOS is a proprietary operating system developed by Apple Computer for their iPhone and iPad mobile devices.

The .ipsw file is an iOS firmware package. It is a large (~1 GB) archive file whose purpose is to update or restore Apple's firmware on the iPhone/iPad devices, either via the iTunes application or directly through the OTA (On-The-Air) update service. iTunes would locate and download a proper .ipsw package for a given device, if a software update is available. One can also initiate a manual check for updates in iTunes. Deletion of any .ipsw file currently present in the iTunes software update directory ("%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPad[iPhone] Software Updates" in Microsoft Windows) forces the file to be re-downloaded from Apple servers.

Any such .ipsw package is a regular ZIP archive, and as such it can be opened with any ZIP archiver to explore its contents. An abundance of unofficial (homebrew, jailbreak) IPSW software packages is available from non-Apple sources on the Internet. Using modified firmware on Apple devices may be insecure and/or illegal.

Software to open or convert IPSW files

You can open IPSW files with the following programs:
iTunes by Apple Inc.
VoiceOver Kit
VoiceOver Kit by Apple Inc.
WinRAR by win.rar GmbH

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