VVI File Extension

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What is the .VVI file type?

The .vvi filename extension is primarily associated with the Teamcenter Visualization Session File (.vvi) file type used in the scope of Teamcenter, a multi-platform Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Data Management (PDM) solution from Siemens PLM Software Inc. Through embedded and standalone tools (e.g., Lifecycle Viewer), Teamcenter provides visualization of product models and drawings made in different CAD formats.

To enable object visualization in standalone viewers, Teamcenter uses visualization session (.vvi) files. Each time an object visualization task is sent from a Teamcenter thin client, a .vvi file is automatically generated to provide the context and necessary data links to the viewer. Technically, it is a normal text file that uses an INI-like syntax. Serving as pointers, such .vvi files can be opened in the standalone Teamcenter viewer. On Microsoft Windows machines with Teamcenter installed, the .vvi file type is associated with the Lifecycle Visualization executable (VisView.exe).

Alternatively, the .vvi extension represents the VolView Dataset Metafile (.vvi) file type/format, with reference to VolView, an open-source multi-platform volume visualization tool by Kitware, and the underlying Kitware's Visualization Toolkit (VTK). VolView is used to visualize medical and scientific data supplied as datasets. For each dataset opened in VolView, a .vvi auxiliary metafile is created in the same location. The .vvi file stores metadata entered by the user at the time of the dataset acquisition.

Software to open or convert VVI files

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