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What is the .PHA file type?

The .pha filename extension is primarily associated with the Pro/ENGINEER Application Starter (.pha) file type/format. Pro/ENGINEER (Pro/E) by PTC is a complex and powerful parametric CAD system catering to many industries. Pro/E is often used in pair with PTC Windchill, PTC's product lifecycle management (PLM) software.

The .pha file is an auxiliary data file that serves as a pointer to a remotely hosted Pro/E part (.prt) or assembly (.asm) model. When an attempt is made to download the CAD file from within a Windchill session or use the "Open in Pro/ENGINEER" menu command, a .pha file is generated and downloaded instead. Opening the .pha file causes Pro/E to launch and use the provided context to retrieve and open the requested item.

The PHA files themselves are not CAD files, but part of the inter-application interactivity mechanism adopted in Pro/E and Windchill. For this mechanism to work, the .pha file type must be associated with the Pro/ENGINEER Application Starter ("proe.exe") executable, or alternatively with the "proe1.bat" batch file.

Alternatively, the .pha extension represents the Fotoprix FotoBook Project (.pha) file type/format used with Fotoprix FotoBook (FotoLibro, FotoBuch, etc.), a free creative content authoring software developed by Fotoprix S.A. for Microsoft Windows. Fotoprix Fotobook allows to design and order photobooks, calendars, posters, and personalized gift items, saving its design projects as .pha files.

Each PhotoBook project has all its contents (images, settings) stored in a single-file container (.pha), saved in Fotoprix's proprietary binary format in the "%UserProfile%\Documents\Mis Proyectos" folder. On Microsoft Windows systems with Fotoprix Fotobook installed, the .pha file type is associated with the FotoLibro (Spanish for PhotoBook) application ("FotoLibro.exe").

Historically standing for 'Pulse Height Amplitude,' the .pha extension also represents the OGIP Spectral File Format (.pha, .pi) developed in 1992 for X-ray spectral analysis. Referred to as Type I PHA, with its later version known as Type II PHA, this format is currently used in X-ray spectroscopy with the CIAO data analysis software and its Sherpa subsystem. The .pha file contains point-based count histograms obtained from an X-ray observation.

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