BSCP File Extension

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What is the .BSCP file type?

The .bscp extension is used as a label for the Bitvise SSH Client Profile file format and the associated BSCP file type. Bitvise is provider of robust, industry-approved secure network tunneling solutions, including SSH2 (Secure Shell, Version 2) server and client.

Bitvise SSH Client (also earlier known as Bitvise Tunnelier) is a standalone multi-platform application that allows to connect to SSH/SSH2, SFTP, RDP (Remote Desktop) or other servers via a secured network tunnel. Bitvise SSH Client uses binary .bscp files to store its connection profiles.

A BSCP profile is the sum total of all settings for a specific connection, including, but not limited to: server name, IP-address and port, connection options, terminal emulator settings, network services configuration, SSH options, etc. BSCP profiles are used to quickly re-configure the SSH client application for connection to a certain remote server or desktop.

BSCP files are meant to be used with Bitvise SSH Client only, and the BSCP file type is automatically associated with Bitvise SSH Client (if installed).

Software to open or convert BSCP files

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