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What is the .RSF file type?

The .rsf filename extension primarily represents the Reflection for IBM Settings (.rsf) file type, referring to both the ASCII and binary versions of the associated file format. Reflection for IBM is a versatile terminal emulator developed by Attachmate (now, Micro Focus) to allow terminal connection to IBM mainframes from various devices. In Reflection for IBM, it is possible to save user settings as .rsf files that can be later re-opened to restore the same user environment. Here, an .rsf file is an ASCII (version 11.x and earlier) or binary (version 12.x and later) file storing Reflection for IBM settings. In Reflection for IBM 12.x and later, legacy ASCII .rsf files are auto-converted to the newer binary format simply by saving.

The .rsf extension is also used by the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a Microsoft Windows application by EaseUS, in association with its Scan Status (.rsf) file type. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard allows to temporarily save scan statuses (.rsf) to preserve the scanning results between recovery sessions, without the need for re-scanning. The .rsf file is a snapshot of the current scanning session for recoverable files on a given volume. Any saved scan status (.rsf) file is applicable only to the same computer it was created on.

Another role of the .rsf extension is associated with the RapidSketch Setting (.rsf) file type related to the RapidSketch real estate appraisal and asset management application by Utilant LLC. In RapidSketch, .rsf files are used to save user settings that include symbols, areas, and labels and can be imported in a different copy of RapidSketch. RapidSketch associates itself with the .rsf file type. Several standard .rsf files are provided with RapidSketch in its program directory.

With reference to Madagascar, an open-source geophysical data processing tool, the .rsf extension serves to denote header files that are part of Madagascar's Regularly Sampled Format (RSF). RSF is a compound format in which text-based headers (.rsf) are separated from the actual binary data (.rsf@). RSF header files are usually stored locally and can be opened in any text editor.

In the area of genetics, the .rsf suffix is related to the GCG Rich Sequence Format (RSF) that allows to store more than one DNA sequence in a single file. Besides the original GCG genetics software package, such .rsf files can be imported or processed using a number of other, up-to-date genetics and bioinformatics research tools.

Lastly, the .rsf extension is used by gaming console enthusiasts to denote unofficial configuration files required to run Nintendo 3DS games from removable flash cards. An .rsf file like that is a short text document with a list of key-value settings that can be opened and modified in a text editor.

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