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What is the .RMS file type?

The primary association of the .rms extension belongs to the Record Management System (RMS) file format/type. RMS is a database-like binary format used by Java ME (Java, Micro Edition by Oracle) applications to persistently store their settings and configuration data. Java ME is a popular proprietary platform for mobile devices, such as cellular phones, early smartphones, etc.

An .rms file is a binary byte-array file that can be accessed by a Java ME application to read/write data for storage between sessions. There is no standard format for RMS files, and each application may handle its .rms storages differently. RMS storages are often used as save-game files by many mobile games.

Some Java-based software for older mobile devices stores confidential information (passwords, etc.) in RMS files either in plaintext or with a simple XOR encryption, presenting a security/privacy risk.

Additionally, the .rms extension has an association with the RealMedia Secure Media File (RMS) file format and type. Developed by Real Networks, Inc., RMS is a proprietary container format for stream-serving DRM-protected digital multimedia content. The use of Real Networks software (RealPlayer, etc.), including web-browser plugins, is required to play RMS files.

Lastly, the .rms extension is also assigned to Random Map Script (RMS) files used in several RTS (Real-Time Strategy) games by Microsoft, including the Age of Empires and the Rise of Nations series. An .rms file is a script that generates a custom random scenario map, normally located in the "Random" subfolder of the game installation directory (e.g., "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Random").

Software to open or convert RMS files

You can open RMS files with the following programs:
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The KMPlayer
The KMPlayer by KMP Media co., Ltd
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