PKA File Extension

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What is the .PKA file type?

The .pka filename extension primarily represents the Cisco Packet Tracer Lab Activity (.pka) file type. Cisco Packet Tracer is a comprehensive software utility developed by Cisco for simulating all kinds of network setups and conditions that involve Cisco hardware. Cisco Packet Tracer is the key tool for all practical lab activities offered within the Cisco Networking Academy, Cisco's educational online resource. This free software is widely used in preparation for CCNA and other Cisco exams. A .pka file represents a Cisco Packet Tracer activity package. It is a binary file in Cisco's proprietary format that contains learning material, simulations, graphics, etc., all arranged to present a logically coherent discourse. Cisco Packet Tracer activity (.pka) files usually have meaningful names that clearly describe their contents (e.g., " Packet Tracer - Explore a Network.pka"). Entire directories of lab activities (.pka) of different complexity are made available through a network of Cisco's training centers.

Apart from the above, the .pka extension is also related to the Designer Photo Calendar Project (.pka) file type. Designer is the name of a German-language Microsoft Windows application developed by Digital Print Group O. Schmiek GmbH to support offline ordering of their digital printing services marketed online. A .pka file is a photo calendar design project prepared with Designer. The application allows to upload such .pka designs and order calender printouts as a paid service offered by the above company in Germany.

Software to open or convert PKA files

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