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What is the .PLIST file type?

The .plist file extension is now usually tied up with the Apple's PLIST document format and p-list files. Such files are most commonly found in MacOS, various Apple software, Linux/Unix and independent GNU projects. Basically, .plist files are preference or configuration files.

In MacOS, .plist files are widely used to store user-manageable system preferences, and many Apple software products like iTunes use .plist files to store default and current settings (e.g. 'Defaults.plist').

A .plist file is a small-size file storing a series of XML-structured declarations of properties (keys) and values. In earlier MacOS versions (below 10.2), .plist files are plaintext. Since MacOS 10.4, a new binary format has been adopted for .plist files.

Although there are many specialized p-list editors available, plaintext .plist files can be directly opened and edited in any text editor. With binary .plist files, a specialized p-list editor would be necessary. There are ways to convert plaintext (source) p-list files into binaries, and vice versa.

Software to open or convert PLIST files

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