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What is the .PMG file type?

The .pmg filename extension's most frequent occurrence is related to the Adobe Creative Suite Photomerge Composition (PMG) file type and format. Adobe Creative Suite (CS) is a set of high-quality commercial image manipulation applications by Adobe, in particular including Adobe Photoshop.

Both Adobe Photoshop and its light version Photoshop Elements include a special image-stitching tool (Photomerge) that allows to create large seamless panoramic views, using several overlapping photos taken at different angles. To save such panoramic compositions, the Photomerge tool uses a non-standard proprietary format (PMG).

A .pmg file is a Photomerge panoramic composition, a project-type file that can be opened and further edited in Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. The PMG image file format is virtually unsupported outside Photoshop, so in order to publish any Photomerge panoramic composition (.pmg), it should be saved in a standard or widespread image format.

Besides, the .pmg extension is also used to denote the SCS Model Geometry File (PMG) file format and type, with reference to a popular series of truck-driving simulation games by SCS Software. Such games include Euro Truck Simulator, 18 Wheels of Steel, Bus Driver, and others.

In SCS games, the PMG format is used to define geometry of in-game model objects, such as trucks and truck parts. There are unofficial third-party tools (e.g., Zmodeler) that can work with the PMG format, being capable of exporting/importing .pmg model geometry files.

With reference to the legacy Adobe PageMaker desktop publishing application, the .pmg extension was additionally associated with the Adobe PageMaker Group (PMG) file type/format. A .pmg file like this is an exported EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) vector image, made of a group of selected objects within a PageMaker project. Since 2004, Adobe has discontinued PageMaker and replaced it with its Adobe InDesign product.

Software to open or convert PMG files

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