WTF File Extension

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What is the .WTF file type?

The WTF file format is associated with World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment, one of the largest online games involving several million users from all over the world. WTF files represent standard ASCII text-based documents usually located within the program's folder.

WTF files save game settings that are used for a particular WoW account. For example, contains information about sound parameters and display configuration while defines settings of the game worlds and associated servers.

Each .wtf file is tied to a particular user account. When players change game settings on their machines, their .wtf files get changed as well. It is also possible to modify settings of World of Warcraft manually by opening and editing WTF files in a text editor.

Since .wtf files are plain text documents, they can be transferred to other computers. That option enables users to share their WoW settings across multiple machines or transfer their accounts from one computer into another.

Software to open or convert WTF files

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