PPROJ File Extension

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What is the .PPROJ file type?

The .pproj file extension represents the Premiere Pro Video Project File (.pproj) file type and format associated with Premiere Pro, a professional feature-packed video editing solution developed by Adobe Systems and included in their Creative Cloud collection. Premiere Pro allows users to convert their source footage into impressive films, clips, and other video content. The .pproj extension is used by Premiere Pro v.7 and above.

A .pproj file is a Premiere Pro project file storing references to all media assets (video, audio, images) used in that project as well as information about audio mixing, transitions, special effects, and other settings and modifications applied by the user. Basically, PPROJ projects are just compressed XML files that list a set of instructions instead of actual media data. They can be opened in Premiere Pro for further editing or for exporting the resulting video product in another file format (for example, .mov). However, Premier Pro projects are not backward compatible, that means it's impossible to open a Premiere Pro 2015 project in Premiere Pro 2014 and so on.


Software to open or convert PPROJ files

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