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What is the .WEBSITE file type?

The verbose filename extension .website matches the Pinned Site Shortcut (.website) file type used by the Internet Explorer (IE) web browser since version 9, integrated in the Microsoft Windows operating systems. In addition to regular Internet shortcuts (.url), IE9 and later versions allow to pin websites to the system taskbar and start menu by dragging an IE tab directly onto them.

For each site thus pinned, a .website file is created in either the "TaskBar" or "StartMenu" subfolder of the "%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\" directory. When the shortcut is unpinned, its .website file is automatically removed from its location. Technically, the .website file is a small Unicode text file that contains the URL of the pinned site, along with several GUID references and parameter values. When activated, it causes IE to launch in a special sandboxed mode, displaying the pinned website.

The .website file type is pre-associated with IE9 or later, and .website shortcuts cannot be opened in other browsers. However, any .website file can be opened in a text editor and transformed into a regular Internet shortcut by deleting everything except the "[InternetShortcut]" section and saving the file with the .url extension.

Software to open or convert WEBSITE files

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