ADP File Extension

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What is the .ADP file type?

The .adp filename extension stands for the Microsoft Office Access Project (.adp) file type/format used with previous versions of Microsoft Access, the databasing component of the popular commercial Microsoft Office suite. Among their other features, earlier Access releases allowed direct connection to Microsoft SQL Server databases via Access projects (.adp).

The Access Project file (.adp) itself does not store any data or data objects, but rather acts as an OLE DB socket for a local or remote SQL Server database. All the actual data are stored in the SQL Server database connected through the ADP file. To the user, working with an Access project (.adp) was almost the same as working with a regular Access database (.mdb).

If an Access project (.adp) contained any VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code, it could be saved in the .ade format, with all VBA code compiled and its source removed. In such .ade projects, VBA code could be run, but not edited.

A legacy of Access 2003, the ADP format was supported for compatibility in all later Access releases until Access 2013, in which .adp files can no longer be opened.

Software to open or convert ADP files

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