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What is the .PCAST file type?

A short for 'Podcast,' the filename extension .pcast belongs to the Apple iTunes Podcast (.pcast) file type. It represents the PCAST XML format developed by Apple Computer specially for their iTunes multimedia center. The default media player in Apple Mac OS X and iOS, iTunes is also available for Microsoft Windows. A podcast in general is a digital audio recording published on a network for public access, usually as a regular RSS feed (.xml).

The .pcast file is a podcast specifically published for iTunes. It is a short text-only file listing XML code, according to the PCAST document type. The .pcast file itself contains no actual audio data, it is just a pointer to a network-hosted multimedia resource. Once opened in iTunes, a podcast (.pcast) can be played, downloaded for later use, or subscribed to for future updates.

Since PCAST is an iTunes-specific format, such podcasts are intended for iTunes users only. During installation, iTunes automatically registers the .pcast file type and binds it to itself. Besides iTunes, .pcast files are recognized and can be properly opened by several other multimedia programs.

Software to open or convert PCAST files

You can open PCAST files with the following programs:
iTunes by Apple Inc.
VoiceOver Kit
VoiceOver Kit by Apple Inc.
MediaMonkey by Ventis Media Inc.
JRiver Media Center
JRiver Media Center by JRiver, Inc.

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