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What is the .DSF file type?

Primarily, the .dsf filename extension stands for the Daum PotPlayer Skin File (.dsf) file type. Coded by one of The KMPlayer's (KMP) authors as a de facto KMP's successor, Daum PotPlayer is a freeware all-purpose multimedia player developed by Daum Communications for Microsoft Windows. Daum PotPlayer allows to change its appearance though skins (.dsf).

A PotPlayer skin (.dsf) is a regular ZIP archive with a different extension. In the archive, there are bitmap images (.png, .bmp) for GUI elements and the XML control file. With Daum PotPlayer installed, any .dsf skin can be opened and applied with a double-click—or opened as a file archive with any ZIP archiver. Collections of user-made PotPlayer skins are available for downloading from various Internet sites.

The .dsf extension also happens to denote Direct Stream Digital (DSD) audio files (.dsf, .dff). Developed by Sony and Philips for the Super Audio CD (SACD) media, DSD is a single-bit audio encoding format that uses Pulse Density Modulation (PDM) and a very high sampling frequency (~2.8 MHz). Here, the .dsf file is a digital audio recording in the DSD format with embedded metadata. Playback of such files requires sound cards with special DSD-compatible Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC). With certain tools, DSD audio files (.dsf, .dff) can be converted to the conventional PCM encoding.

Another occurrence of the .dsf extension relates to the Sega Dreamcast Sound Format (DSF) and the DSF Audio file (.dsf) file type. DSF is a subset of the broader Portable Sound Format (PSF) developed by N.Corlett for the purpose of extracting audio from video games. The .dsf file contains digital music ripped from a Sega Dreamcast video game. Like all PSF files, it consists of a sequencer (a native Sega Dreamcast executable) and the actual music data. Sega Saturn music rips receive the .ssf extension. Playback of SSF/DSF files is supported in several media players, thanks to community-written decoders and plugins. There are entire archives of SSF/DSF game music on the Internet.

Further, the .dsf extension represents the Corel Designer 3.0-9.0 Drawing (.dsf) file type and format. Corel (formerly, Micrografx) Designer is a commercial vector graphics editor for technical applications. The .dsf file is a Designer drawing (versions 3.0 to 9.0). The last version to use the DSF format by default is Corel Designer 9.0; later versions switched to a different format (.des), but still provide support for .dsf files.

With reference to DAZ Studio 4.x, a complete virtual photo/video studio solution with advanced 3D modeling and visualization capabilities from DAZ Productions, Inc., the .dsf extension stands for the DSON Support File (.dsf) file type and format. DSON (DAZ Scene Object Notation) is both a text-based and a binary format that relies on the JSON syntax to describe a 3D scene or a set of relevant interrelated assets (figures). The .dsf file represents a weight-mapped DAZ Studio figure; technically, it contains a set of definitions for a DSON asset library. DSF files with non-shareable assets have the .duf (DSON User File) file type.

The .dsf extension additionally stands for the Dune Service File (.dsf) file type/format. Dune (Dune HD) is the name of a popular series of hybrid STB/multimedia player devices running Linux-based firmware. The .dsf file is a small binary file with a compiled version of a Dune system script. Such service files (.dsf) are used, in particular, to set up System Storage, perform tweaks, or extend functionality. Various .dsf files are available for downloading from the official Dune website and several other resources.

X-Plane, an advanced flight simulator by Laminar Research, uses the .dsf extension for its Distribution Scenery Format (DSF) introduced since X-Plane 8. The .dsf file is a 3D model of a certain area in the DSF format. DSF is an uncompressed extensible container format for scenery objects, such as meshes, textures, and other graphic resources arranged according to latitude/longitude-based coordinates and elevation. X-Plane scenery files (.dsf) covering different locations are available from multiple Internet sources.

Another use of the .dsf extension relates to start line (DSF) files used with the PerformanceBox/DriftBox on-board race logging units from RACELOGIC. The .dsf file is a short text file listing start and split line locations for a given race track. DSF files are placed into the "\DSF" folder on the unit's SD card. A collection of DSF files for all known world race tracks is freely available from RACELOGIC.

Apart from that, the .dsf extension also denotes the Data System File (.dsf) file type and the associated binary format developed by Scientific Software International (SSI) for their structural equation modeling (LISREL) and data manipulation/computation (PRELIS) tools. Generated automatically upon LISREL run, the .dsf file contains LISREL/PRELIS data object descriptions.

Software to open or convert DSF files

You can open DSF files with the following programs:
PotPlayer by Kakao Corp.
GOM Player
GOM Player by GOM & Company
Potplayer-64 Bits
Potplayer-64 Bits by Kakao Corp.

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