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What is the .BTP file type?

Short for BeerTools Pro (BTP), the .btp extension is primarily associated with the BeerTools Pro Recipe (.btp) file type. BeerTools Pro is a paid cross-platform (Windows/Linux/Mac OS X) application by BeerTools LLC for home brewers to create, manage, and share their beer brewing recipes. Saved in the "%UserProfile%\Documents\BeerTools Pro\Recipes" folder (Microsoft Windows) by default, each of such .btp files represents a single brewing recipe in a text-based XML format. BeerTools Pro allows to exchange and download recipes (.btp) through its online membership service.

Besides, the .btp extension is associated with the Reflection for IBM Toolbar Settings (.btp) file type/format, with reference to Attachmate Reflection for IBM, a powerful commercial administration software for IBM systems by Attachmate Corporation (formerly, WRQ, Inc.). Here, the .btp file is a partial settings file that stores toolbar settings made by the administrator in the Reflection for IBM graphical interface.

BabasChess, a freeware Microsoft Windows Internet chess client by RRaf of FICS (Free Internet Chess Server), uses the .btp extension for its BabasChess Theme Pack (.btp) file type. Such a theme pack (.btp) is a regular ZIP archive containing graphics, sounds, and text-based theme files (.bcth, BabasChess Theme) to change the appearance of BabasChess' GUI. BabasChess associates itself with the .btp file type upon installation.

In the scope of Microsoft's business process automation and application server platform BizTalk Server, the .btp extension represents the BizTalk Pipeline Template (.btp) file type/format. Here, a .btp file is a BizTalk Server receive or transmit pipeline template. Such templates (.btp) are used for developing BizTalk Server applications in Microsoft Visual Studio and can be edited in Pipeline Designer.

The .btp extension is also used by EMC Control Center (ECC), a storage resource management system for Symmetrix arrays by EMC Corporation, to denote performance metrics files (.btp). Generated by the ECC Workload Analyzer (WLA) tool to include detailed performance statistics, such metrics files (.btp) are saved with date-stamped names such as "20160528.btp" and are used to analyze or diagnose storage array performance issues.

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