SYS File Extension

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What is the .SYS file type?

Created by Microsoft Corp., the SYS file format is used to store configuration variables, device drivers, settings and other information necessary for proper work of hardware devices attached to Windows or DOS based computers.

Some common examples of .sys files are config.sys that tells DOS which hardware devices are installed on the computer, io.sys that stores default DOS device drivers and initialization code, and msdos.sys that contains the core OS code.

Files labeled with the .sys extension are usually hidden within the OS directory to prevent their accidental deletion. They are not supposed to be opened or edited directly, because doing so can lead to data loss and errors in work of the computer system.

Additionally, the .sys file extension can be assigned to Motorola drivers typically installed from the software installation disc bundled with the cell phone. These files enable communication between the cell phone and a PC and allow users to transfer data from one device into another.

Software to open or convert SYS files

You can open SYS files with the following programs: 

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