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What is the .ECM file type?

The filename extension .ecm primarily represents the Error Code Modeler (ECM) Disk Image (.ecm) file type. Error Code Modeler (ECM) is a CD/DVD image format and data compression technique developed by Neill Corlett and based on the removal of error correction codes (EDC, ECC) from the data stream, allowing to achieve much smaller file sizes compared to other image formats. ECM gained popularity as the choice format for creating images of game disks released for Sony PlayStation and other gaming consoles.

The .ecm file is an optical disk image saved in the ECM format. Before it can be loaded into a gaming console emulator, burned to a blank CD/DVD, or otherwise used, the .ecm image must be converted back to its uncompressed version (normally, .bin as in BIN/CUE) using one of the several utilities serving that purpose (e.g., unecm.exe). Besides, several well-known disk image tools support the ECM compression format and are capable of directly opening and/or converting ECM images.

The .ecm extension alternatively represents the ERD Concepts XML Database Model (.ecm) file type used with ERD Concepts, a commercial database design tool for Microsoft Windows by Polderij ICT. Here, the .ecm file is a text-based XML document describing the structure of a database model developed in ERD Concepts. During installation, ERD Concepts creates its own association for the .ecm file type, and XML database models (.ecm) can be opened in ERD Concepts directly from Windows Explorer.

Software to open or convert ECM files

You can open ECM files with the following programs:
WinRAR by win.rar GmbH
ECMLink by ECMTuning, Inc.
DAEMON Tools Lite
DAEMON Tools Lite by Disc Soft Ltd

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