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What is the .QDS file type?

The primary association of the .qds filename extension goes together with the Microsoft Windows Query Directory Search (.qds) file type and format. A query directory search (.qds) file is a saved set of Active Directory search criteria. Such searches can be performed on any Microsoft machine included in a Windows Server domain.

The purpose of .qds files is to help users within a domain locate network resources (shares, printers, etc.) with required attributes (double-side printing, ink-jet color, etc.) that are published to Active Directory. QDS files are normally created by administrators, to be distributed among users of a particular domain.

Alternatively, the .qds extension stands for the QDS Specifications File (.qds) file type and format utilized by the Questionnaire Development System (QDS) software by NOVA Research Company. QDS addresses the need of automating data collection, survey administration, and results processing procedures, mainly for health care and educational institutions.

A .qds file stores a QDS questionnaire specification. In a proprietary binary format, it contains a complete design and contents of a survey form developed in the Questionnaire Design Studio within QDS. It is the main native file format used by the QDS software. Such .qds files are openable in QDS only.

Software to open or convert QDS files

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