Opening XLSM files

Have a problem opening a .XLSM file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what XLSM files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .XLSM file type?

The .xlsm extension is universally associated with the Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook (XLSM) file type and format. XLSM is a proprietary format by Microsoft (MS) and part of the larger Office Open XML (OOXML) series of office formats. OOXML was declared an open Ecma International standard and is the default format for all recent MS Office releases (starting from MS Office 2007).

An XLSM file is a spreadsheet document file, very similar to XLSX (Excel Workbook). The difference is that .xlsm files contain macros, executable sequences of actions within the MS Office Document Object Model (DOM) recorded as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripts.

Like other OOXML documents, .xlsm files are ZIP archives with directory structures. All document's resources (including macros) are stored in subdirectories inside the archive.

XLSM workbooks are opened with MS Excel by default. Alternatively, XLSM documents can be opened with several other office suites that support this format. Due to possible security issues related to macros, .xlsm files may be blocked from sending by e-mail.

Software to open or convert XLSM files

You can open XLSM files with the following programs: 

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