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What is the .WEBARCHIVE file type?

One of the semantically self-explanatory filename extensions, the .webarchive extension is bound up with the Safari Web Archive file format/type. Safari is the name of a proprietary web browser application developed by Apple, Inc. and available for Mac OS X, iOS, and MS Windows. Safari is based on the open WebKit rendering engine and, like other popular browsers, offers the capability of saving web pages as standalone archive packages (web archives).

The format used by Safari to create .webarchive files stems from the Apple's binary Property List (p-list, plist) format. A .webarchive file is an uncompressed mixed binary/plaintext compilation of all resources that make up a particular web site (HTML source code, images, external files, etc.).

Normally, .webarchive files are meant for offline viewing with Safari and several other Apple applications that can directly read the .webarchive format. It is also possible to extract the plaintext portion (HTML source code) from a .webarchive package. Pasted into a text document and saved with the .htm(l) extension, it can be viewed with any web browser.

Software to open or convert WEBARCHIVE files

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