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What is the .RBX file type?

Primarily, the .rbx extension is linked to the Ruby on Rails Script (RBX) file type. Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open (MIT license) extensible framework for web-based applications centered on the Ruby object-oriented programming language. RoR runs with most web servers and can connect to database servers of many types.

An .rbx file is a plaintext file containing a program (script) in the Ruby language. RBX script files can be viewed and edited with any text editing tool. To allow execution of .rbx scripts on a web server, the RoR framework must be installed and the web server must be properly configured (e.g.: for apache, mod_ruby must be activated etc.).

RBX scripts can contain HTML code, yet they should not be confused with eRuby .rhtml files as the latter are HTML files with Ruby script insertions in a special syntax.

Another occurrence of the .rbx extension is its association with the Xojo (former REALBasic) Plugin (RBX) file type and format. Xojo is a cross-platform visual integrated development environment (IDE) to develop Windows, Mac OS and Linux software. A Xojo RBX plugin file is a binary container-type file (or a ZIP archive in the newer RBX format version) that contains executable libraries to support specific methods and functions calls. Xojo ships with a series of default .rbx plugins located in the 'plugins' subfolder of the Xojo installation directory.

The .rbx extension can also be assigned to Rembo-C compiled script files, denoting the respective file type. Rembo-C is a C-like programming language used mainly in scripting for server maintenance and other purposes. A Rembo-C .rbx file is an executable script (program) compiled from a source-code .rbc file. Running .rbx scripts requires a properly set runtime environment.

Software to open or convert RBX files

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