RDN File Extension

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What is the .RDN file type?

The .rdn filename extension belongs to the IGN Rando Track (.rdn) file type, previously associated with the IGN Rando. IGN Rando (Loxane) is the name of now-deprecated Microsoft Windows software that was distributed on CD-ROM's along with topographical maps prepared by the l’Institut Géographique National (IGN, National Geographic Institute of France). The map format adopted by IGN for their maps is used mainly in France and is commonly referred to as IGN Rando. IGN topo maps are commonly used in France and French-speaking countries for hiking, tracking, riding, and other outdoor activities.

An .rdn file represents a track referenced against an IGN topographical map. Besides the outdated IGN Rando Loxane software, IGN Rando (.rdn) files can be opened and converted to other track formats or raster images using one of the many available converters, map viewers, and GPS data visualization tools. IGN maintains a dedicated online portal, through which a huge collection of community-authored tracks and topographical maps are made available.


Software to open or convert RDN files

You can open RDN files with the following programs:
ITN Converter
ITN Converter by Benichou Software
Satmaster Pro
Satmaster Pro by Arrowe Technical Services
Agilent Cary WinUV
Agilent Cary WinUV by Agilent Technologies, Inc.

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