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What is the .RF64 file type?

The filename extension .rf64 belongs to the RF64 (MBWF) file format and denotes the RF64 Audio File (.rf64) file type. Developed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) as an enhancement of the Broadcast Wave Format (BWF), RF64&nmdash;also referred to as the Multichannel Broadcast Wave Format (MBWF)—uses 64-bit internal addressing, supports multiple channels, and removes the 4-Gb filesize limit inherent in BWF. RF64 is an open format intended for handling large audio files (over 4 Gb) for broadcasting or archiving purposes. Both BWF and RF64 stem from Microsoft's RIFF/WAVE base format.

The .rf64 file is a multichannel digital audio file in the RF64 (MBWF) format. The .rf64 extension is normally reserved for very large files in excess of 4 Gb to distinguish them from regular BWF (.wav) files. RF64 files use a chunk-based internal structure, very similar to BWF (RIFF/WAVE), and allow both PCM (wave) and non-PCM (Dolby Digital, etc.) bit streams. A number of encoders, converters, and general-purpose multimedia players support the RF64/WAVE format and allow to directly open and play, convert or transcode .rf64 files.


Software to open or convert RF64 files

You can open RF64 files with the following programs:
Winamp by Nullsoft, Inc
Winamp by l-rePack®
ClassicPro© by Skin Consortium

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