RMM File Extension

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What is the .RMM file type?

The .rmm extension is explicitly associated with the RealMedia Metafile (RMM) file type introduced and used by RealPlayer (RP). RP is a commercial media player for major platforms by RealNetworks (a free version also available). RP is one of the oldest media players supporting streamed playback. There was much controversy concerning RP collecting personal data and pushing advertisements.

RMM is a text-based file type, and an .rmm file is a text file that serves as a pointer to a RealMedia audio/video resource. Besides a URL or path to such a resource, the .rmm pointer file contains certain metadata like video size, aspect ratio etc. in a special syntax.

Although quite obscure, RMM files are still used as broadcast pointers by some online radio stations and media services that offer RealMedia broadcasts.

In Windows, recent RP versions register the RMM file type and create their own association for it as 'RealPlayer Presentation,' so a .rmm file can be opened in RP with a double-click. RMM files are also supported by most major media players.

Software to open or convert RMM files

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