DVF File Extension

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What is the .DVF file type?

The filename extension .dvf is primarily associated with the Sony IC Recorder Digital Voice File (.dvf) file type/format developed by Sony for their Integrated Chip (IC) digital voice recorder (DVR) devices such as ICD-U70 and similar. The .dvf file is a compressed digital audio file, a speech recording made with a Sony IC Recorder device and saved using the DVF format. Since DVF is Sony's proprietary format, such files can normally be opened by compatible recorders and dedicated Sony's software (e.g., Sony Digital Voice Editor) only. To enable Windows Media Player (WMP) users on the Microsoft Windows platform to open such .dvf files directly, Sony provides a free-to-use codec plugin for WMP. Additionally, several major audio manipulation software titles provide direct support for Sony's DVF format (also, via plugins), and converters exist that can transform .dvf recordings into a standard format like WAV.

Alternatively, the .dvf extension represents the Panasonic DV Studio Image File (.dvf) file type, with reference to Panasonic's proprietary still-image format used for such files. The .dvf files were created by certain older Panasonic DV and mini-DV digital camcorders like Panasonic NV-DS77, with each file storing a single bitmap image (rather than video) captured by the camera. Such .dvf images could be transferred to a PC and read using Panasonic's Motion DV Studio software that required the camcorder to be physically connected to the PC.

Another use of the .dvf extension is associated with the D-ViewCam Video Recording (.dvf) file type/format. D-ViewCam is a proprietary video surveillance tool by D-Link to be used with network cameras (also, via the mydlink cloud service). D-ViewCam acts as a software DVR, saving the video feeds from its cameras as .dvf files using a proprietary compressed container. Such surveillance footage (.dvf) can be opened and viewed in D-ViewCam only.

Software to open or convert DVF files

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