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What is the .VIP file type?

The .vip filename extension primarily associates with the MAGIX Virtual Project (.vip) file type and format. MAGIX is a large developer of commercial multimedia and music authoring software. Such MAGIX's DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) titles as Music Studio, Samplitude, and others, commonly use the .vip files for their virtual projects. A MAGIX virtual project (.vip) is a set of GUI controls, tracks, mixer and sampler settings, and other preferences that make up a multi-track arrangement in MAGIX Music Studio or Samplitude. For publishing, the virtual project (.vip), or individual tracks within it, can be exported in multiple formats using Music Studio's (Samplitude's) advanced export features.

Alternatively, the .vip extension denotes the LabVIEW Virtual Instrument Package (.vip) file type and format, with reference to LabVIEW, a prominent commercial electronic device simulation platform by National Instruments. LabVIEW uses a concept of reusable virtual instruments (VI), each in a separate package (.vip) file. LabVIEW VI packages are built, configured, and otherwise handled through JKI's VI Package Manager (VIPM). Any such .vip file is a ZIP archive with a different extension. If installed, a VIP package would normally add its VI to the existing LabVIEW installation.

Besides, the .vip extension stands for the VIP Stitch Pattern (.vip) file type/format. VIP is a proprietary file format used to describe and store colored stitch-based machine embroidery designs for certain Husqvarna and Pfaff machines (e.g., Husqvarna Viking SE, Pfaff Creative 2170/2140). Authored with the Husqvarna Viking proprietary software or downloaded from the Internet, VIP embroidery designs can be directly uploaded to a compatible machine.

Virtual-i Presenter (ViP), a standalone freeware presentation recording and playback tool by T.Cochrane (Microsoft Windows), uses the .vip extension for ViP presentation control files. Here, the .vip file is a short text file that contains references to the associated .wmv (Windows Media Video) and .ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation) files, along with timeline cues and various options.

Apart from that, the .vip extension additionally goes together with the Ventana Installation Package (.vip) file type and format used by Ventana Systems to deliver their Ventana Simulation Environment (Vensim) software (Microsoft Windows). Such a .vip file is a container image in a private format that can only be used with the official Vensim installer.

The .vip extension was also used to represent the Microsoft Visual InterDev Web Project Definition (.vip) file type associated with Microsoft Visual InterDev, an IDE for ASP-based web applications within the legacy Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0. Here, the .vip file would represent a single Visual InterDev web project aggregated into a solution (.sln).

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