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What is the .ITDB file type?

The .itdb extension is associated with the iTunes Database (.itdb) file type and format. iTunes by Apple, Inc. is a freeware proprietary multimedia player and organizer software pre-installed in Mac OS X and available for Microsoft Windows. Besides playing media and maintaining libraries, iTunes acts as a gateway for the Apple Store, allowing to purchase and download DRM-protected multimedia content and synchronize it with portable Apple devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad).

An .itdb file is an iTunes database (SQLite). Normally, there are two .itdb files that are automatically created and updated by iTunes in the "~/Music/iTunes" directory (Mac OS X): "iTunes Library Extras.itdb" and "iTunes Library Genius.itdb."

The "iTunes Library Extras.itdb" file is used to save queries made by iTunes to the Gracenote CDDB database when fetching metadata for CD disks and multimedia files. The other .itdb file, "iTunes Library Genius.itdb," stores a local database for iTunes Genius, a content analysis/suggestion and playlist tool within iTunes (since iTunes 8).

Both .itdb files are processed automatically and are not meant for any manipulation, except backups.

Software to open or convert ITDB files

You can open ITDB files with the following programs:
iTunes by Apple Inc.
VoiceOver Kit
VoiceOver Kit by Apple Inc.
WinRAR by win.rar GmbH
QuickTime by Apple Inc.

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