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What is the .OPR file type?

The .opr extension has its primary association with the OPRO Print File (OPR) file type and format. OPRO is the common name of a series of commercial XML manipulation software products for MS Windows (OPRO X Designer, Server, Browser etc.) by OPRO Japan Co., Ltd. The OPRO X series is designed to address XML report generation, editing, viewing and printing needs in business environments.

OPR is a proprietary binary format. It is a compressed and/or encrypted version of the native plaintext OPRO XML report format (.oxr), and an .opr file is a binary print report file. OPR files are generated on the basis of OPRO X Designer templates and served with the OPRO X Server.

OPR files are designed to be opened, viewed and printed with the free OPRO X Browser, which associates itself with the OPR file type, replacing any previously existing associations.

In industry, the .opr extension can also be associated with the OWEN Process Manager Report (OPR) file type/format used by OWEN Process Manager, an industrial SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) software (+hardware) system. OPR files are report files with datestamp names that are regularly saved to register the process data being monitored. OPR reports are viewed with OWEN Report Viewer (ORV).

In connection with the well-established Prophix corporate performance management (CMP) solution, the .opr extension is used to denote the Prophix Order (OPR) file type and format. OPR files are data files used by the Prophix application suite.

Besides, the .opr extension can also belong to the Ray Mode VirtuaLab Optics Document (OPR) file format/type. The OPR format is used with Pintar InterACTIVE Physics VirtuaLab Optics, a legacy educational optics modeling application for MS Windows by Pintar Media. An .opr file is a small file in the binary OPR (Pintar Optics 2.0) format, representing an arrangement of optical components and the resulting light ray paths.

With reference to HydroModeler, a model development plugin for the open HydroDesktop hydrological and climatic analysis application, the .opr extension serves to denote Open Modeling Interface (OpenMI) project files (.opr). Such .opr files are plaintext XML files viewable/editable in a text editor.

In relation to the professional Omnia ONE FM radio broadcasting equipment and software, the .opr extension is used as a label for Omnia ONE FM presets, which are plaintext file with pre-defined settings that adjust the resulting sound quality.

Software to open or convert OPR files

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