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What is the .8 file type?

When acting as filename extensions, dotted numerals (like ".8") are primarily related to Pro/Engineer versioned project files. A highly advanced CAD tool for a wide range of applications and industries by PTC, Pro/Engineer uses a system of versioned backups for its project files.

Any Pro/Engineer CAD project file (.prt) is additionally assigned a numerical extension to indicate its version/backup level. So, an .8 file is the eighth version of a Pro/Engineer project, saved before changes are applied to the file in the course of the current editing session. Versioned Pro/Engineer files can be opened and processed with Pro/Engineer as regular projects.

Besides, the numerical .8 extension can be used as a multi-part archive volume label. A multi-part (split) archive is an archive that contains more than one file. Usually, split archive volumes are equal in size and assigned numerical extensions in sequence to indicate their proper order. Thus, an .8 file can be the eighth (or ninth, if the count starts at 0) volume of a multi-part archive. Usually, such archive volume files have additional preceding extensions to denote the actual archive format.

Apart from that, the dotted numerical string ".8" at the end of a filename may accidentally appear or become a filename extension, if the original extension is missing or hidden. Filenames often contain tailing dotted parts to indicate series number, position within a certain sequence, etc.

If the original extension is missing, and the proper file type is known, the correct extension should be added manually. In MS Windows, the extension can be simply hidden, so the "Hide extensions..." option in Windows Explorer should be turned off to see the actual file type.

Lastly, on POSIX-compliant OS'es like GNU/Linux numerical strings like ".8" often are part of filenames, rather than extensions. Such dotted filename portions are normally used to indicate versions of shared libraries and other system files (e.g., "libQtSql.so.4.8").

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