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What is the .SHA file type?

The .sha extension is primarily associated with the CorelDRAW vector graphics editor developed by Corel Corporation. CorelDRAW has a lot of tools for designers and illustrators and is useful when creating and editing brochures, web sites, photos, and various images.

Abbreviation SHA stands for Shader, as SHA files contain shader graphics data to give images additional depth.

Files with the .sha extension can be opened in the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. The SHA file format is a proprietary one and is supported by various versions of Windows only.

The .sha extension also stands for Shell Archive file format used in UNIX operating systems. SHA is a plain text format. SHA files are self extracting, and the SHA format is used to encode several files in a shell script. Running this script will recreate the encoded files.

Files with the .sha extension can be executed from the command line using standard Unix utilities, such as Unix Bourne shell sh. The SHA format can also be executed in Windows using special utilities, and in GNU/Linux.

Besides, the .sha extension is associated with SMS - Systems Management Server, an obsolete system management software for managing lots of Windows-based computers, developed by Microsoft. SMS was used for software and hardware inventory and helped system administrators deal with updates, patches and various software.

SHA files store site hierarchy addition but can't be executed in recent versions of the Windows OS, as the Systems Management Server was replaced by the System Center Configuration manager in 2007.

Software to open or convert SHA files

You can open SHA files with the following programs:
TeraCopy by Code Sector
TeraCopy alpha
TeraCopy alpha by Code Sector
TeraCopy RC
TeraCopy RC by Code Sector
TeraCopy alfa
TeraCopy alfa by Code Sector

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