JAD File Extension

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What is the .JAD file type?

The JAD file extension represents the Java Application Descriptor file format developed by Sun Microsystems. It is commonly used for deployment of MIDlets - small Java-based applications and games created for use on cell phones and other portable mobile devices. The JAD format is also employed for distributing themes for some BlackBerry phones.

JAD files have small size and are stored in a simple text format. They contain technical information necessary for proper identification and installation of applications: their name and size, number of the version, Internet location of the corresponding .jar file, configuration requirements, and other attributes.

A MIDlet installation usually involves downloading both a .jad and a .jar file. The difference is that the .jad file contains the app description while the .jar file - the actual program. However, nowadays software developers tend to include a manifest file inside of a .jar package which duplicates the information from the .jad file thus making the latter redundant.

Software to open or convert JAD files

You can open JAD files with the following programs:
Nokia Suite
Nokia Suite by Nokia
Nokia Ovi Suite
FileViewPro by Solvusoft Corporation

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