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What is the .CUR file type?

A short for 'Cursor,' the .cur filename extension relates to the Microsoft Windows Cursor (CUR) file format/type. The Microsoft (MS) Windows operating system uses CUR files to store stationary (non-animated) mouse cursor images, with animated cursor images stored as ANI files.

A Windows-specific format, CUR is very similar to ICO, another proprietary format by MS used for icon files. Both CUR and ICO are based upon the Device-Independent Bitmap (DIB) specification.

A .cur file is a small binary file that contains a single BMP or PNG image displayed as a mouse pointer. Every CUR image has a hotspot that corresponds to the action tip of the pointer. Different .cur files represent different states or functions of the system pointer.

MS Windows supports pointer themes, each consisting of a dozen or more .cur and/or .ani files. CUR pointer images come in different standard sizes like 16×16, 32×32, etc.

CUR images can be viewed with general-purpose image viewers, as well as edited with bitmap editors. Windows Explorer automatically creates and shows thumbnails for .cur files.

Software to open or convert CUR files

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