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What is the .SPRX file type?

Derived from the name of the associated executable file format, the .sprx filename extension is commonly used to denote Sony PlayStation 3 mod files. Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) is the third generation of a popular standalone gaming console with accelerated graphics marketed by Sony Corp, while the term "mod" commonly refers to unofficial modifications of the stock executable code and game content.

An .sprx file is a Signed PPU Relocatable Executable (SPRX). It is a binary file that contains executable machine code intended for jailbroken PS3 consoles, i.e. those with the debugging features installed (DEX version). Such .sprx are specially compiled to include custom content and are mainly used to install mod menus in popular PS3 games such as GTA V and others. The SPRX file format is distinguished by its "SCE" ASCII signature. SPRX files are not meant to be opened on a desktop computer, except in a specific programming environment needed to create PS3 mods. Both free and commercial PS3 mods in the .sprx format are available from independent sources in the PS3 modding community.


Software to open or convert SPRX files

You can open SPRX files with the following programs:
Google Chrome
Google Chrome by Google Inc.
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team

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