SQL File Extension

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What is the .SQL file type?

The .sql extension stands for 'Structured Query Language' (SQL) and is used to distinguish SQL database script files. SQL is special-purpose programming language designed for data manipulation in relational database management systems (RDBMS). SQL can be used both to manipulate database structures (form) and handle database data (content), and is used most widely.

An .sql file is a plaintext file that contains a series of statements in the SQL syntax. SQL files are often referred to as database scripts or command files (similar to .bat) as they are used to batch-run SQL instructions. An .sql file is a program that can be run within a RDBMS environment, but otherwise opens (and is edited) as a plaintext file. To run an .sql file, it is necessary to either open it within a RDBMS or pipe it into RDBMS via an operating-system pipe.

SQL script files can be used for all kinds of RDBMS-related operations, especially for administration and maintenance purposes.

Software to open or convert SQL files

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