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What is the .TDB file type?

The .tdb filename extension is primarily associated with the proprietary SlamDB Database (TDB) file format and file type, part of the SlamDB database management solution by KGP Software. Slam Database Manager is a commercial software offered as a relatively small Windows dynamic-link library (DLL) that supports 64-bit database processing and indexing. SlamDB supports multiple users, threads and other advanced database managing features.

TDB files are compressed SlamDB database files created with any application capable of handling TDB files via the SlamDB DLL library. Generally, .tdb database files are not meant to be opened directly as documents, they must instead be accessed as data sources through a SlamDB-enabled application.

There is no default association for the .tdb extension in Windows, however, the extension may be associated with SlamDB Database Manager (if installed).

More generally, the .tdb filename extension is used to indicate that a file is some kind of database. Such a generic .tdb file can be in any database format, although several formats prevail (like SlamDB above). As a rule, such generic database files are not meant to be used outside the application that created and uses them.

Particularly, the .tdb extension is used to denote the Mein Geld Databank (TDB) file format and file type used by Mein Geld (My Money), a commercial home banking and book-keeping software by WISO for Microsoft (MS) Windows. TDB files are in fact databases that store personal accounting data.

The .tdb extension can also be found in database files created by eBay Turbo Lister (TL), a free tool available from the eBay online auction service. eBay TL allows creation and maintenance of bulk item lists stored as .tdb database files.

Database files with the .tdb extension are also used by Sage ACT!, a popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for MS Windows by Swiftpage. ACT! is based on MS SQL Server and .NET Framework and uses a single SQL-based .tdb database for all contact data, allowing it to be shared among multiple users.

In video games, the .tdb extension is used by Transcendence, a freeware 2D space exploration and combat video game with some economy elements for Windows/Linux. The game stores all game data, scripts, resources etc. in a single database file ('Transcendence.tdb').

Software to open or convert TDB files

You can open TDB files with the following programs:
WISO Haushaltsbuch
WISO Haushaltsbuch by Buhl Data Service GmbH
WISO Mein Geld 2008 Professional
WISO Mein Geld 2008 Professional by Buhl Data Service GmbH
WISO Mein Geld 2014 Professional
WISO Mein Geld 2014 Professional by Buhl Data Service GmbH

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