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What is the .XSD file type?

The .xsd filename extension stands for the XML Schema Definition (XSD) file type. XML Schema is an international standard with the status of a W3C recommendation, and the XSD file type is the standard designation of XML Schema files. XSD is a subset of XML, and the idea behind it is somewhat similar to the earlier DTD (Document Type Definition) mechanism in that XSD is a metalanguage used to construct and help enforce XML-based language rules.

An .xsd file is a plaintext listing of XML source code. It is a definition of an XML schema, a structured prototype model of a regular XML document. XML Shema (.xsd) files can be used to create custom XML-based languages and check, or validate XML documents against rules imposed by a given XSD schema.

XML schemas (.xsd) are used by a wide range of modern XML-capable software, including web browsers, operating systems, office suites, IDE's, and many others. Besides, any .xsd file can be manually opened and edited with a text editor, assuming working knowledge of the XML Schema syntax.

Unrelated to the above, the .xsd extension is alternatively associated with the Pattern Maker Cross-Stitch Datafile (XSD) file type and format. Pattern Maker is a paid Microsoft Windows application to author cross-stitching patterns, basing on digital bitmap images. An .xsd file is a representation of a cross-stitch pattern designed with Pattern Maker. Such XSD files can be opened, viewed, and printed with both Pattern Maker and Pattern Viewer, while editing is possible in Pattern Maker only.

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