Opening TGML files

Have a problem opening a .TGML file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what TGML files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .TGML file type?

The .tgml filename extension is associated with the TAC Graphics Markup Language (TGML) and denotes the TGML Graphic (.tgml) file fype. TGML is an XML-based markup language created by TAC (part of Schneider Electric) for describing dynamic vector-based graphics used in TAC Vista and TAC Xenta industrial engineering and automation systems. A .tgml file is a TAC tecnical vector drawing. It is a formal TGML document, in which XML syntax is used to describe the hierarchy, position/location, and interconnection of the contained graphic elements. Besides static components and blocks, a TGML graphic can contain or link to dynamic or interactive elements. Within a TAC Vista project, TGML graphic files are located inside the "[ProjectName]\Graphics" subdirectory (e.g., "C:\ProjectACME\Graphics"). Any .tgml file can be directly opened for editing in the Graphics Editor for TGML, a dedicated commercial tool available from Schneider Electric for working with TGML graphics.

Software to open or convert TGML files

It looks like we do not have any suggestions for programs that can open TGML files. We receive hundreds of suggestions from our users every day, so suggestions for .TGML may become available quite soon.

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