UDB File Extension

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What is the .UDB file type?

Primarily, the .udb file extension is associated with the Microsoft Dynamics AX User Database (UDB) file type and format used by Microsoft Dynamics AX (later rebranded Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations), an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system from Microsoft serving the needs of mid-sized and large businesses. Microsoft Dynamics AX was part of the Microsoft Dynamics business-oriented product line. Here, a UDB file is a database file generated by Microsoft Dynamics AX v.3.x and storing a list of all users of that particular installation it was created for as well as other database-specific information such as database connections. Microsoft's UDB files are not intended to be opened or edited manually, they are used for internal purposes of the software.

In addition, the .udb file extension can also represent custom material database files used by Autodesk Moldflow, an advanced simulation software tool developed by Autodesk to optimize the mold design and manufacturing process. The software allows users to create their personal databases listing frequently used material data. Such custom databases are saved as .udb files and stored by default in the My Documents\My AMx 201X Projects\udb directory. They can be opened via the Tool menu to get faster access to necessary information.

As an acronym for 'Ultraware DataBase', the .udb file extension can also be associated with Ultraware software, a collection of diagnostic and troubleshooting tools developed by Rockwell Automation for their servo drives. Here, UDB files are digital containers encapsulating different combinations of offline Rockwell's drives and project settings. Such database files are created by users to save their preferred drive settings and can be opened in Ultraware software only.

Another association of the .udb file extension belongs to the binary Understand Project Database file format related to Understand, a cross-platform interactive development environment (IDE) from SciTools. Understand works like an online compiler, it helps software developers analyze and visualize their source code written in different programming languages. In this case, a UDB file is a database storing project-related settings as well as source code test results. Such database files support multi-read access via Understand.

Along the same line, the .udb file extension can also designate various generic file types used to save and store databases for many other software products. Such UDB containers can store frequently used, customized, or unique information necessary for easy access and rollbacks. These databases can be opened using the software that has created them.

Besides that, VBA32 (Virus Block Ada 32), an advanced antivirus tool from Belarus-based software developer VirusBlokAda, uses the .udb file extension for its signature files. Here, a .udb file, in particularly boot.udb, is a binary pattern aimed to detect and identify specific computer viruses and other kinds of malware.

Software to open or convert UDB files

You can open UDB files with the following programs:
SQL Anywhere
SQL Anywhere by iAnywhere Solutions, Inc.
SQL Anywhere
SQL Anywhere by SAP AG
Understand by SciTools
UDA ConstructionSuite
UDA ConstructionSuite by UDA Technologies

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