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What is the .ROL file type?

As a short form of 'roll,' the .rol extension primarily associates with the legacy AdLib Visual Composer Roll (ROL) file type and format. AdLib Visual Composer is a legacy software that allowed to compose and edit musical pieces on a PC (DOS), relying on AdLib sound cards. AdLib music was based on the FM-synthesis (OPL-2) technology.

ROL is a binary format that stores a musical composition in form of a sequence of instructions, requesting a certain note to be played a specific instrument. ROL files do not contain any actual sound data. Any .rol file would usually come in pair with a related .bnk file (a bank of instrument sounds used in the ROL file), but can also be a standalone entity.

Despite the ROL format now being quite obscure, .rol files can still be played by some media players (generally, with the use of AdLib-support plugins).

Differently and apparently as an abbreviation of 'Roland,' the .rol extension is also used to denote the Roland Performance/Patch (ROL) file type and format. ROL is an older proprietary binary format by Roland used to store musical performances (sequences) in certain Roland electronic synthesizer devices. With the use of converter tools, ROL files can be (limitedly) converted into other electronic music formats.

In the context of Actuate e.Report Designer Professional—a database query-based report building tool for MS Windows by Actuate Corporation—the .rol extension stands for 'Report Object Library' and serves to denote the respective ROL file type/format. An .rol file is a data file that stores a structure (schema) of a database data source used by e.Report Designer.

In CAM (Computer-Assisted Manufacturing), the .rol extension can be found assigned to data files used to program machining sequences for various Roland CAM cutting/milling machines. Such .rol files contain speed, direction, angle, depth and other instructions to control the machine's working head movements.

Software to open or convert ROL files

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