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What is the .UNI file type?

In its primary meaning, the .uni extension is conventionally used to identify Unicode text files. Unicode is the current international standard for encoding all known written/graphic characters in human languages (around 90K) within a single code space. Unicode provides support for both left-to-right and right-to-left writing directions as well as mixed use of any Unicode characters in one document. Representation of non-English characters takes one (UTF-8), two (UTF-16) or four (UTF-32) bytes per symbol.

A .uni file is a Unicode-encoded (most frequently, UTF-8 or UTF-16) text file. The .uni extension points out to the Unicode encoding of the text only, and such text files can be found in any area or used for any purpose. UNI files can be opened, viewed, edited and saved with any text editor on any recent platform that supports Unicode (almost all).

Alternatively, the .uni extension can be associated with the MikMod UniTrk (UniTrack, UNI) file type/format. MikMod is an old module music player for MS-DOS, ported since to Unix/Linux, Mac OS, Windows (MikWin) etc. MikMod currently supports a variety of music file formats and is an ongoing open-source (GPL) project.

UNI is the old binary format used to record tracker module music files. Technically, a .uni file is a byte stream that represents a single track (module).

In some game consoles (like Sony PSP etc.), files with the .uni extension are large binary resource archives that contain hardware-specific image, sound and other data used by the console game software.

With reference to UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) BIOS, the .uni extension is assigned to Unicode resource files that contain localization text strings used to support multiple languages in the UEFI user interface.

Software to open or convert UNI files

You can open UNI files with the following programs:
Wenlin Mianfeiban
Wenlin Mianfeiban by Wenlin Institute, Inc. SPC
Unilet by ImageWare Grafiksysteme GmbH

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