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What is the .REC file type?

Primarily, the .rec filename extension goes together with the Topfield PVR Recording (REC) file format and the associated .rec file type. Topfield is the name of a Korean company that manufactures PVR (Personal Video Recorder) devices (nicknamed 'Toppy'), capable of receiving and recording satellite/terrestrial TV broadcasts. REC is a proprietary digital audio/video container format developed by Topfield for their PVR devices. REC is based on MPEG-4 TS.

A .rec file is a recording of a cable, satellite or other TV broadcast in the REC format. REC files are saved onto the PVR's built-in hard disk and can be transferred to the computer via an USB cable. Although meant to be played back by the Topfield PVR's, .rec files are recognized and can be directly played back by several major media players.

Apart from that, the .rec extension is also used to denote audio recording files (.rec) made by various digital voice recorder devices. Often, such devices would use their proprietary formats for such .rec files and provide software tools, capable of playing them back. Some of such audio recordings may still be playable in general-purpose media players.

Alternatively, the .rec extension is bound up with the EpiData Records Data (.rec) file format and type. It is an older text-based data format used by EpiData, a set of tools developed by the EpiData Association to collect, store, and analyze epidemics data in health care. REC files are conventionally created and used together with questionnaire (.qes) and check (.chk) files, also text-based. The current EpiData Manager uses a new, XML-based data format to store records (.epx, .epz).

In a different sense (a short for 'Recovery'), the .rec extension serves to label Full Disk Encryption Recovery Key files (.rec) created and used with the Endpoint Security data protection software for Mac OS by CheckPoint Software. Such .rec files contain emergency decryption keys to restore entire encrypted volumes in case of a system failure. As a rule, such .rec keys are reliably kept on removable devices away from the computer itself.

Lastly, the .rec extension also identifies MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan files (.rec) made with Philips MRI scanners, using the proprietary PAR/REC data format. A .rec file contains MRI scan data (slices) and must come together with a related .par file. There are tools to convert Philips PAR/REC files into other formats (Analyze, etc.).

Software to open or convert REC files

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